Friendship goals: Tanaka and Noya’s broship




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the only good youtuber is cr1tikal

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─ Anonymous asked: Wow so I listened to that hotel books audio post and it was like amazing but are all the songs so spoken word-y or do they sing some or ?¿ either way I'm probs gunna download some stuff tomorrow

well i just discovered them today so i havent had a chance to listen to a lot of songs but their song lose one friend is a little less word-y i guess…but i think it’s just their style?? almost like la dispute except la dispute def has more singing 

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hotel books makes me FEEL things i havent had this for a band in a while like i havent discovered a new band that i REALLY like in a while and im cryin bc im so glad i found this band

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track: I Always Thought I Would Be Okay
artist: Hotel Books


Hotel Books // I Always Thought I Would Be Okay

"And the most sense i can make of this world has slowly transformed itself from being ink in my pen to being the pain in my heart and my head."

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nice i made a band blog

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breatheecarolinaa replied to your post: DRAW MY OCS!!!!!

give me some refs and i’ll see what i can doooo. no promises tho bc i’m slammed with ap homework

i will send u some tomorrow!!!! bless u :*

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─ Anonymous asked: CENTAURS ARENT REAL

i dont believe u

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shsldecoy replied to your post: shsldecoy replied to your post: shslde…

same lol but hey!!! itd be fun!! i dont have my tablet rn tho„,

thats ok!!! we can always just talk ab our ocs and stuff too!!! 

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im not a great artist either considering rn i can only do busts but lets do it or do u not draw at all

i do draw im just really bad at it„,i can try!!! but u will be so disappointed tbh

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shsldecoy replied to your post: DRAW MY OCS!!!!!

lets do a trade B)

i cant dr a w tho :—(

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I hate how this  came out tbh

For this loser

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